Meeting with the Tax Department

International persons receiving income from GW (i.e. employment wages or salary, stipend, scholarship, fellowship, or award) should arrange with the Tax Department to complete the appropriate tax forms.

New international persons:

  1. Request access to the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) by sending an email to [email protected] with FNIS access in the subject line. Include in the email the nature of your relationship with GW (employment, stipend recipient, etc.).
  2. You will receive your FNIS username and password in an email reply. Log into FNIS. Once data entry is complete, please submit on step 6 within the FNIS system.
  3. The Tax Department will review your submission and provide the applicable forms that need to be signed. They will also let you know which document copies they need (ex. passport, visa, I-94, etc.).
  4. All forms and document copies can be delivered to the Center for Career Services in Suite 505 of the Marvin Center (if student) or the Faculty & Staff Service Center on the 1st floor of Rice Hall (if non-student). Simply indicate to any representative that you would like your forms sent to the Tax Department.

Existing international persons:

  1. Send inquiries (such as information updates or questions) to [email protected] or call us at the number below and we will instruct and provide forms as applicable.
  2. Forms and document copies, as applicable, can be delivered to the Faculty & Staff Service Center on the 1st floor of Rice Hall.

We are available by email ([email protected]) and phone (571-553-8313) each day of the week from approximately 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.