Sales Tax

Sales tax rules can be very complex. The university is exempt from sales tax on some of its purchases in certain states where it has an exemption certificate or letter. It is required to collect sales tax, though, on certain sales that it makes to others.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates and Letters

The university is exempt from paying sales tax to vendors in certain states on its own purchases. The rules vary by state. Even if we have a sales tax exemption for a particular state, not all purchases may be exempt in that state. Also, a purchase considered sales tax exempt in one state may not be sales tax exempt in another state.

Sales tax exemptions should be provided to the vendor at the time of purchase. In addition, purchases are required to be made from university funds (i.e. check or p-card).

Note that GW sales tax exemptions cannot be used for personal purchases.

Questions about whether a state’s exemption covers a specific good or service should be directed to [email protected].


Collection on Sales